Monthly Archives: September 2019

Dear Daughter… I promise you’ll forever be my little girl

See that pink ballerina standing next to her momma? Let me tell you a little story about that girl. You see, she’s four-years-old and last week, her preschool sent a paper home with instructions for her to think about what she wanted to be when she grew up and return to school Wednesday dressed as […]

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Let the kids be kids

Sometimes, the irony of a moment amazes me. Yesterday, I was busy cleaning around the house – you know, doing all the chores that seem to never end (dishes, laundry, and endless toy pickup). I walked past my son’s room and saw him lying in bed holding the iPad inches from his face. He looked […]

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I want to be a ‘yes mom’

Let’s talk about this morning’s moment in motherhood…. “Sophia, you need to get dressed and put your shoes on!” “Ok, mom! Can I wear a dress?” “Yes, you can wear a dress!” “Can I wear my butterfly dress?” “Yes, you can wear your butterfly dress. Now get dressed!” “Can I wear my headband?” “Yes, you […]

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