Director of Operations A.K.A. “mom”

Maybe it’s the emotions in the responses of the applicants as they realize who, in fact, is crazy enough to accept this position… Maybe it’s the acknowledgment of all the endless responsibilities such a title requires… Maybe it’s the relevance of my current stage of chaos… Perhaps it’s all the above… You guys, this one hit me hard (in the sweet, happy, sappy kind of way)! I spent some time digging for a source and found that this video was released by a greeting card company several years ago to recognize mothers on Mother’s Day. Check it out, I promise it’s worth every bit of your four minutes:

Director of Operations.

Extensive requirements including (but not limited to): constant exertion, a high level of stamina, minimal breaks, inconsistent lunches, excellent negotiation skills, expert cooking and financing, sleepless nights, 24/7 availability 365 days/year with no salary.

Whether we call ourselves mom or parent or caregiver or whatever our title may be… We fit every requirement. We are the people who shower our kids with unconditional love. We are master negotiators, meal planners, diaper changers, tantrum tamers, housekeepers, booger wipers, mess cleaners, booboo kissers, multi-taskers, teachers, discipliners… We work from eyes open to eyes shut and we do it by choice. It’s true, we probably are crazy (for a variety of reasons, exacerbated by lack of sleep and a caffeine-based diet, among other things) and we deserve a pat on the back.

Moms are awesome. Parents are awesome. You are awesome.

Congratulations on managing the world’s toughest job.

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